Personnel/Administrative Affairs Committee increases compensation for election officials

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April 1. Personnel/Administrative Affairs meeting. Screenshot.

NASHUA, NH – Election officials in Nashua are in line for a raise based on a vote by the Personnel/Administrative Affairs Committee, which met April 1.

The new rates discussed at Monday night’s meeting are as follows. 

  • Moderators and clerks: $400 per election instead of $225
  • Selectman: $365 per election instead of $190
  • Ballot inspectors, assistant election officials and voter registrars: $15 per hour prorated for ½ hours worked, instead of a flat rate of $175 per election. 

In addition, recount staff will be paid an hourly rate of $15 per hour prorated for ½ hours worked. Another change is that all officials who participate in a scheduled training will be compensated at a flat rate of $25.

According to committee member Ward 7 Alderman Tim Sennott, the job has gotten significantly harder since 2020.

 “One of the biggest concerns to me that I saw over the past several years during our municipal elections was empty spots on the ballot,” he said. “This takes the whole package and, at least in my estimation, makes it a little bit more worth their while because the way the job has evolved over the past four years was not consistent with what we were willing to offer folks to give up their time for.” 

The legislation will go before the board of aldermen for final approval. Alderman Sennott anticipates this happening at the next aldermen’s meeting on Tuesday, April 9.